DeFi for everyone, no matter your street.

XBE is a protocol for DeFi, the man on the street, and even the man on wall street. Integrated Finance allows you to earn in DeFi no matter where you come from, so you can get more out of your FIAT, your securities portfolio, and even your DeFi instruments.

Integrated Finance

XBE has set out to integrate the functions of Financial Securities, FIAT services, and Decentralised Finance in a complementary protocol that bring the best of the three worlds together to create greater value for each while allowing users from their respective worlds to maintain the level of risk and privacy that they are used to and prefer.

The Three Pillars

Integrated Finance happens when FIAT, DeFi, and Traditional Securities work together to create better finance for all.

Tokenized Securities

xbNFT and xbSTABLE Factories allow specific securities to be tokenised, and included in protocol incentive programs with community support.

XBE Hive

DeFi users can amplify their rewards on major liquidity pools, and earn referral rewards by introducing other users to the protocol


An easy-to-use, fully compliant fiat onramp to access DeFi directly, and still there when you need to off-ramp from DeFi back to your normal bank.

XB Protocol

Each community has their network, and we are bringing the vision of XBE to them all.

XBE x Ethereum

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