The basics of Cryptocurrencies

In order to grasp the full concept of what XBE is all about, it is imperative that the basics are understood. These questions along with the video explainers provided should be sufficient to start your XBE and DeFi journey. We would like to thank the work done by Finematics on Youtube, please be sure to like and subscribe to their channel to show your support.

Cryptocurrency consists of web-based digital assets that use cryptographic functions to conduct financial transactions. These digital assets typically utilize blockchain technology to gain transparency and decentralisation to varying degrees. Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital assets that aim to fix the problems of traditional currencies by putting the power and responsibility in the currency holders' hands. The most well known cryptocurrencies being Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies are created by code, mostly through the help of smart contracts. These smart contracts are pieces of code that can be automatically executed and in a deterministic way. The video link below will explain the concept of smart contracts and their purpose within crypto: Smart Contracts Explained

There are multiple different types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most widely accepted. Adjacent to that, there are also other cryptocurrencies known as Altcoins and Stablecoins. Altcoins (alternative coins) is a classification given to any cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin. Stablecoins on the other hand are cryptocurrencies that are FIAT backed or algorithmically backed, among others. These stablecoins are pegged to another asset class, such as a FIAT currency with examples including USDT or USDC. This means one USDC/USDT has either 1 USD in the bank account, or 1 USD of representative value backing the asset - ensuring the value of each stable coin (USDT, USDC, DAI etc).

Bitcoin is the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. Bitcoin is a digital/virtual currency that was created in 2009 that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate payments without any intermediaries. There is often confusion about Bitcoin and blockchain and it's important to understand that Bitcoin utilizes blockchain technology. Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency, it is a ledger that records all the cryptocurrency transactions that are verified by cryptography and is open, secure and accessible by all.

Ethereum is the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation after Bitcoin. It is also a decentralised computing platform that can run a wide variety of applications, however, unlike Bitcoin, it wasn’t created to be a digital currency. Ethereum’s founders aimed to build a new kind of global, decentralised computing platform that takes the security and transparency of blockchains and extends those attributes to a vast range of applications. Everything from financial tools and games to complex databases are already running on the Ethereum blockchain. And its future potential is only limited by developers’ imaginations. Ethereum can essentially be used to codify, secure, decentralise and trade just about anything. Ethereums native token is known as Ether or mostly heard, ETH. In order to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem, you will need to have some amount of ETH. The reason for this is that in order to send a transaction on Ethereum as well as other chains, you will need to have the protocol's native token to pay for the transaction cost. This is called gas and will be explained in greater detail in the video below: What is gas and why is it so high on Ethereum?

CeFi, otherwise known as Centralised Finance, was the standard for trading cryptos. In centralised finance (CeFi), all crypto trade orders are handled through a central exchange. Funds are managed and governed by the central exchange which means you don’t own a private key that provides you access to your wallet. Moreover, the exchange identifies which coins they list for trading or how much fees you need to pay to trade with their exchange. This nullifies the opportunity for having complete control over your funds.

DeFi, which is short for Decentralised finance, is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments. Instead it uses the power of code and utilizes smart contracts on blockchain technology to build financial instruments that can be used in a vast amount of applications. Defi is essentially an umbrella term for peer-to-peer financial services on public blockchains. It gives you access to use your funds as you please and to earn substantially larger yields than you would in traditional finance. Situated below are links that should help you get a fairly comprehensive understanding of what DeFi is and how it works: What is Decentralised Finance? and DeFi, the future of finance.

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created in 2009 by a pseudonymous developer/developers named Satoshi Nakamoto. It uses a cryptographic hash function called SHA-256 in its proof-of-work protocol. Bitcoin led the way for a new age of blockchain technology and decentralised digital currencies. Simultaneous to that, it opened the door for traditional financial instruments to be utilized in a more decentralised manner. More on the history of DeFi can be found in the video below: The history of decentralised finance.

A cryptocurrency wallet stores the public and private keys required to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and provides digital signatures authorizing each transaction. These digital wallets can be a device, a program on an app or online website, or a service offered by a crypto exchange. You get different types of wallets, namely hot or cold wallets. A hot wallet is a tool that is connected to the internet. On the other hand, a cold wallet is a wallet that is not connected to the internet, but rather kept offline. These wallets allow for sending, receiving as well as storing cryptocurrency. The most common being MetaMask, TrustWallet, Trezor T and Ledger Nano X. The risk of using a browser-based wallet like MetaMask is that you are susceptible to hacks whereas with a hardware wallet like Ledger, the physical device stores cryptocurrencies and is kept offline, meaning that they are more difficult to hack. However, when needed, the coins stored are readily available. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets to use for 2021: Top 3 DeFi Walelts For 2021

Yield farming is one of DeFi’s hottest topics as the potential returns are much greater than you would see in the traditional financial sector. Yield farming is essentially a way to maximise your rate of return on your capital by leveraging different DeFi protocols. It is explained in much greater detail in the video below: What is yield farming and how does it work?

You have heard the term liquidity pools several times in the videos above but might not fully understand them as of yet. Liquidity pools are pools of tokens locked inside a smart contract. They are used to facilitate trading by providing liquidity. A lot of centralised exchanges trading is based on the order book model in which buyers and sellers come together to meet at an equilibrium price. Buyers try to buy at the lowest possible price and sellers try to sell at the highest. Market makers come into play to facilitate trading by always willing to buy or sell a particular asset. They do so by providing liquidity. This process can be automated and used within DeFi protocols and hence the invention of liquidity pools. In order to grasp the full understanding as well as the risks involved with liquidity pools, watch the videos provided below: What are liquidity pools and how do they work? and What is impermanent loss?

XBE related FAQ

Now that you have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and DeFi as a whole, you will be able to continue this journey by learning about the XB protocol and how it plans to bring new use cases to the ever expanding DeFi world.

The Focus of the XB protocol is to bridge institutional finance and decentralised finance, through multiple channels and product offerings. Our primary offering focuses on tokenized securities and their utility within DeFi, and as the XB protocol continues to grow, so will its utility within Defi. Additional offerings include yield complementary mechanisms, with a focus on regulatory compliant on and off ramps for retail into DeFi to increase base yields. This allows seamless integration with FIAT into DeFi to provide additional utility and yield.

XBE is the governance token and Ethereum-based (ERC20) token for the XB protocol. XBE was fairly launched to all liquidity providers of both the Uniswap and Balancer pools and the entire circulating supply was­ distributed within the first 7 days of launch. There was no ICO, no investors, and no team allocation. Only 15,000 XBE tokens have been issued, and 3,000 of that is allocated to the protocol treasury. The holders of the XBE token can vote on where to allocate these tokens. Examples include using a certain amount to incentivize future development and improvements to the XB protocol. XBE was fairly launched as a valueless governance token that entitles its holders to take part in the management and governance of the XB protocol.

In line with XIP1 (XBE Improvement Proposal), which was approved by governance, the plan is to distribute 25,000 newly minted XBE over the space of 2 years. 5,000 XBE as Bonus Lockup Rewards. 10,000 XBE as Year 1 rewards and another 10,000 XBE as Year 2 rewards.

Users have the choice to stake, lockup or to use their XBE to provide liquidity on SushiSwap. All three of these streams will allow you to receive XBE tokens as rewards. It is however vitally important to understand that when you provide liquidity, and you claim your rewards - there is an unbonding process of 5 days. This means that you will have to wait 5 days until you have access to the full amount of your claimable rewards. During the unbonding process, the XBE is automatically staked and continues to earn staking and protocol rewards. Liquidity providers may withdraw their XBE rewards within the 5 days, but at a 50% penalty and this penalty will go towards XBE stakers. This entire process is different with staking and locking up your XBE tokens. When doing so you will be able to claim your rewards in real time with no unbonding process.

Please follow this guide which contains instructions on how to use the XBE protocol to stake or lock-up your tokens.

You are free to add liquidity via the app or interact directly with the platform (Sushiswap). This will provide Liquidity to the Sushiswap pools and earn you XBE rewards. Please be sure to stake your LP tokens in order to start earning. Unstaked LP tokens will NOT earn any rewards.

Step 1) Navigate to the "XBE & veXBE" tab at the top of the page.

Step 2) Scroll down to the "Provide Liquidity" tab.

Step 3) You will need to approve the contracts before you can provide liquidity. Start by clicking the ‘Approve XBE’ button on the left screen as shown above. You will need to pay a gas fee when doing so.

Step 4) Once approved, you will be able to provide liquidity. Choose how much you would like to provide and click ‘Deposit’. Remember when providing liquidity, you will need equal amounts of each asset (i.e 50% of ETH and 50% of XBE). Single sided liquidity provision contracts are under audit and we will release more on this soon.

Step 5) Once you have provided liquidity, you will receive your corresponding amount of SushiSwap LP tokens. You will first need to approve the contract on the right screen as shown above. Put in a value of LP tokens that is greater than 0 and click the “Approve” button.

Step 6) Once approved, you can choose how many LP tokens you would like to deposit. Once deposited, you will start earning XBE rewards in real time. Please note you will be unable to earn rewards without staking your LP tokens.

(NB*) It is important to remember that when providing liquidity, your LP rewards are automatically bonded and when claimed, will go through a 5 day unbonding period. During this unbonding period, you will continue to earn staking and protocol rewards. You may have access to these rewards sooner (within the 5 days), however you will be required to pay a 50% penalty for unbonding early. All penalties generated in this way are automatically distributed to stakers.

XBE holders have the choice between locking up their XBE (to get maximum possible yield) or to stake their XBE. Users are able to choose between multiple lockup periods. The minimum lockup being 1 week (1% Boost level) with each consecutive lockup increasing in increments of 4 weeks (4% Boost levels), namely:
  1. Staking only (Min Boost)
  2. 1 Week (1% Boost)
  3. 4 Weeks (4% Boost)
  4. 8 Weeks (8% Boost)
  5. ...
  6. 92 Weeks (92% Boost)
  7. 96 Weeks (96% boost)
  8. 100 Weeks (Max Boost)
XBE users will need to stake their tokens first before they can lockup. Users who choose to stake only will receive their proportional share of protocol fees and staking rewards for the duration of their staking period. These users will be at minimum boost and will NOT be eligible for the 5,000 bonus lockup rewards. Once users have staked their XBE, they have the choice to lockup their XBE in the locker contract to receive a higher yield. The longer you choose to lock up, the more veXBE you will receive and the higher your boost will be.

An easy way to understand it is that if you stake your XBE, you will earn your proportional share of rewards at the minimum earning rate, otherwise known as minimum boost. If you lock up your staked XBE for a short period of time (e.g. 1 Week), you will start earning at a slightly increased rate which will decrease proportionally back to the minimum boost over the course of your lockup period. If you lock your tokens up for longer (e.g. 4 Weeks ), you will earn at an increased rate that will STILL decrease proportionally over time as your lockup date approaches.

If you decide to lockup for the full duration (100 weeks) WITHIN the first 30 days of launch, you will start earning at the maximum earning rate (maximum boost) which will NOT decrease proportionally back to the minimum boost as your lock up expires. By locking up for the max term within the first 30 days, you will ALSO receive your proportional share of 5,000 Bonus XBE (minted after 18 months and distributed over 6 months).

However, if you lockup your XBE for the full duration (100 weeks) AFTER the first 30 days of launch, you will be earning at maximum boost which WILL decrease proportionally over time as you unlock date approaches. If you missed the initial 30 day BONUS window, you will still be able to maintain max boost over time by simply increasing your lockup to the desired boost levels.

(NB*) Only users who have locked up for the full term during the first 30 days will NOT experience any boost decrease.

All XBE Rewards earned from staking and locking up are claimable directly to your wallet!

The system only allows for one "end of lock-up" date per staking wallet, so using multiple wallets is the only way to setup different "end-dates" for different lock-up terms. It will work exactly the same way Curve does!

XBE staking is a one-sided liquidity provision. You only need XBE to stake XBE for more XBE. Staking in one asset is a super easy way to get yield - with no risk of impermanent loss. This should make it easier for users to start!

If you want to be a liquidity provider in the respective pools that the protocol will incentivize, you will need both sides of liquidity (i.e. you will need an equal value of asset A and asset B to provide liquidity). An example would be providing equal amounts of XBE and ETH in the planned XBE/ETH pool.

We plan to launch XB protocols onto other chains, namely Polygon, Binance smart chain, and Fantom. Thus creating XBP, XBC and XBF governance tokens respectively. Stay tuned to find out more on how this will work!

Each deployment on each respective chain will be subject to minor changes, however it will follow the XBE path.

  1. Trustless environment – absolute transparency on WHERE the funds are at all times, how the yield is generated and where it comes from. The funds are all traceable as the transactions are all recorded on the blockchain. The contracts have also been fully audited.
  2. No liquidity lockup – your deposited capital is not locked and is freely available to withdraw at any time.
  3. Non-custodial environment – you are not required to trust any 3rd party with the storage of your private keys.
  4. Real time Solvency reports – at any time you can see the solvency of the protocol – and where your capital is deployed.
  5. Earning Yields significantly higher than that of your conventional FIAT products.
  6. Regulatory compliant FIAT onramps.
  7. Transparent Referral system allowing any user to earn using the system.

Initial supply
  • Initial supply - 15,000
  • Circulating supply - 12,000
  • XBE treasury - 3,000 (XBE holders have the ability to govern how the treasury is allocated)
Increase in Supply
Inline with XIP1 (XBE Improvement proposal) approved by governance on May 28 2021 the following changes will take place:
  • 25,000 XBE tokens minted over 2 years.
The distribution of these tokens is as follows:
  • 20,000 XBE distributed as rewards for liquidity providers
  • 5,000 XBE as Bonus Lockup rewards.
‌How will the rewards be distributed?
Of the 10,000 XBE rewards for year 1:
  • 5,000 to XBE Hive
  • 2,500 to XBE/ETH liquidity providers
  • 1,500 to XBE stakers
  • 1,000 to CRV/CVX stakers on
Year 2 will follow a similar distribution subject to change by governance.

It is important to note that the system is designed to create compensation for the added inflation to current XBE holders. By locking up and staking your XBE (for an adequate period and with suitable strategies), this should ensure that your network percentage remains the same or even increases. In terms of how this will affect its investors, we have worked hard to ensure that there are lock-up and circulating supply restriction mechanisms to try and balance the sell pressure with market buying demand. By taking advantage of some of the CRV DAO mechanisms, we can consistently incentivize users to lockup newly minted LP reward XBE tokens, and in doing so continue to prevent the free circulating supply of XBE from rapidly increasing and causing value deflation.

In order to bring the necessary counter-asset liquidity (EURs, ETH, USD based stablecoins, or whatever we want to be able to exchange XBE for), we need to give up some value as a community that will be used to attract those tokens and their users - so yes, some of our protocol value MUST go out to those new users that receive the newly created XBE tokens as rewards, but only because those new users help us build the value of the protocol by bringing that liquidity.

The XB NFT Factory is a product leg that tokenizes securities as NFTs which can be deployed within XBE and other DeFi protocols for Yield and Liquidity. This product is currently being deployed with our commercial clients.

The XB Stable factory enables security issuers and holders to adapt their regulated security to interface directly with DeFi. Once onboarded, these issuers/holders may become part of the XBE protocol's ecosystem to benefit from the high-yields and community-driven strategies or choose to implement their own strategies. This opens up the XBE protocol to a 40 trillion USD market in a highly scalable manner.

Both xbNFT and xbStable Factories are currently in testing, and will be released shortly.

The XBE Hive is a yield complementary program built on Convex and Curve. This product offering aims to allow DeFi as well as FIAT users to take part in the XB protocol. DeFi users who are already knowledgeable on how Curve and Convex works, will be allowed to deploy their capital into the XBE protocol, who then deploys this capital back into Convex and subsequently Curve. This results in users being able to earn XBE, CVX and CRV respectively. With the focus on complementary yield, users will then be able to stake their rewards mentioned above so that they can earn even MORE rewards in the form of XBE, cvxCRV and 3CRV fee.

Besides attracting the heavily involved DeFi users, one of the core focuses of the XBE Hive is to provide a regulatory compliant onramp for FIAT into DeFi and further putting the capital to work. The XBE Hive has partnered with regulatory compliant FIAT partners around the world ensuring the onboarding of capital is compliant, transparent, and with full real-time solvency reports available on chain. The Hive will support USD, EUR, BTC and ETH deposits on launch with more offerings to follow. The Hive will put this capital to work through Convex – who deploys this capital into Curve. This allows the FIAT and DeFi investors to earn: CRV, CVX and XBE. This program is built to complement Convex’s yield and further add value through FIAT into Curve and Convex. Furthermore to ensure XBE continues to support both and Convex, we will be incentivizing the locking of CRV, cvxCRV and CVX.‌

All claimed rewards from the Hive will carry a performance fee of 21% allocated as follows:
  • 10% revenue share to XBE stakers
  • 10% to XB Referral Program
  • 1% transaction fees (gas fees)

Fee breakdown:

When a user deposits their capital into the XBE Hive, they will be eligible to earn rewards in XBE, CVX and CRV with the option to utilize these rewards for secondary yield. All users who claim their rewards from the Hive will receive their full claimable amount less protocol fees.

‌A 21% performance fee is charged on all claimed rewards from the Hive:
  • 10% will go towards revenue for XBE stakers. The CRV and CVX rewards will be used to buy XBE on the open market and distribute these to users who have staked or locked their XBE.
(NB*) It is important to note that users who have locked their XBE will be at a higher boost percentage and thus will receive a higher proportional share of these rewards.
  • 10% will go towards the Referral Program. These users will receive their referral rewards in XBE, CRV and CVX. All unallocated referral rewards (i.e. those rewards that go towards the protocol) will also be used to buy XBE on the open market and distribute them to users who have staked or locked their XBE. Users are also able to "sign themselves up" and thus earn commissions on their own deposits.
(NB*) A breakdown of the 3 Tier referral program can be found under the “What is the XB Referral Program” question.
  • And 1% will go towards covering protocol gas.

The deployment of capital into Decentralised Finance protocols has become a common yield mechanism allowing users to earn substantially larger yields than they would in Traditional Finance. A major focal point of the XB Protocol is the deployment of Tokenized securities and FIAT into these markets to offer additional and transparent yields. Through the XB protocol, we not only allow for users to earn complementary rewards but we also add value to the ecosystem by onboarding FIAT currency into DeFi.

Adjacent to onboarding FIAT currency into DeFi, the XB protocol will also allow users to earn without having any liquidity! By taking advantage of the 3-Tier referral program, users can start earning by getting people to sign up using their specialized referral link. This opens the door to anybody and everybody by incentivizing users to bring in new users and share in their rewards.

As you can notice, through the multiple product offerings and those to come in the future, the idea of an Integrated Financial system is starting to unfold. We believe that as the DeFi tide rises, so do the DeFi boats and hence why we have taken this approach with the XBE Hive.

The Hive is for anyone and everyone, no matter your street. While integrating a legacy financial system with decentralized finance, you need to account for everyone and hence the inception of the Hive. The XBE Hive allows for us to bring together people from all over AND from completely different backgrounds, whether they are in DeFi, the securities market, FIAT or even just sitting at home.

DeFi users: These are individuals who have stablecoins or have already deposited their liquidity into Curve and wish to earn additional rewards on top of their liquidity. These users can deposit their stablecoins into Curve and stake their Curve LP tokens into XBE, who will then deploy this capital into Convex and ultimately, back into Curve. This allows for users to earn XBE, CVX and CRV. When a user claims their rewards, their XBE rewards will get automatically staked to continue earning staking and protocol rewards. Users will have their choice of what to do with their CVX and CRV rewards. The protocol allows for users to stake their CVX rewards in order to earn cvxCRV and XBE. Alongside that, users can lock their CRV rewards to mint cvxCRV and stake that through to earn cvxCRV, XBE and 3crv governance fee distribution from Curve.

FIAT users: These are individuals who do not have stablecoins but rather have FIAT currency and would like to deploy their capital to gain access to higher yields in an open and transparent manner. These users can take part in the XBE FIAT product in which they will be able to buy stablecoins that they can then use in the XBE Hive. Users will be able to put their FIAT capital to work through XBE that will then deploy this capital through Convex and ultimately Curve. Putting capital to work through XBE will allow for users to receive rewards in CRV, CVX as well as XBE. This FIAT onramp solution will support credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers and crypto deposits. And each user that uses our FIAT partner’s service will also have access to a full IBAN/SWIFT EUR numbered account once KYC'd. At all times funds deployed into the XBE Hive will be freely available with no lockup, they will have full solvency reports available in real time, and you will have access to the full returns less protocol fees. The fees generated by the deployed assets will be distributed to the stakers of XBE as well as the referral campaigns.

Other users: These are individuals who would like to take part in the Referral campaign, in which users can earn without having any capital deployed. These users/influencers/promoters now have the opportunity to earn by simply expanding the protocol's reach to new users. This will be a 3-Tier referral campaign and can be explained in greater detail under the “What is the XB Referral Program?” question.

The XB Referral Program will be a 3-tier referral campaign that will reward users on their initiative to get other users to sign up using their referral link. By helping users generate rewards from simply referring new users to XBE, we expand the protocol's reach, and ensure that new members can start earning without having any liquidity - just by registering someone using your referral link.

Referral rewards are calculated based on a fixed 3-Tier structure that distributes 10 of the 21% protocol fees as referral rewards across 3 tiers every time a user claims. Users will receive these rewards in CRV, CVX and XBE.

  • You earn 7% from the rewards of your immediate downline (those users you directly referred),
  • You earn 2% of the rewards of your 2nd tier downline (those referred by the users you directly referred), and
  • You earn 1% of the rewards of your 3rd tier downline (the users referred by the users referred by your direct referrals).
It can be visually explained by our infographic below:

(NB*) All unallocated referral rewards (ie. those rewards that go towards the protocol) will be used to buy XBE on the open market and distribute these to XBE stakers.

XB Onramp allows FIAT holders to gain easy access into cryptocurrency as well as DeFi as a whole through a regulatory compliant method. Users will be able to buy the appropriate cryptocurrency or compliant stablecoins and put these assets to work. Think of the XB Onramp as a seamless bridge from the FIAT world into decentralised finance.‌

‌This FIAT is converted to the appropriate stablecoin and subsequently deployed in Convex and Curve for yield generation. This FIAT onramp solution will support credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers and crypto deposits through our licensed partners, providing each user of the XB Onramp with a full IBAN/SWIFT Euro numbered account once KYC'd.‌

‌At all times, funds deployed into the XBE hive will be freely available with no lockup, will have full solvency reports available in real time, and will have access to the full returns less protocol fees. As these funds are deposited into the XBE Hive, the same performance fees and returns apply to that of the XBE Hive, the only difference is how you funded it.‌

‌More on this product launch in Q4 2021.

‌In order to accomodate for all users, we have created an additional product called Easy XBE in which non-defi users can come onboard and have access to DeFi yields in a completely transparent and effortless way. Easy XBE truly brings to life the saying of "XBE being a protocol for DeFi, the man on the street, and even the man on wall street".

‌We plan to launch with Easy XBE 1.0, with more versions to come in future. Easy XBE 1.0 will be the simplest way to participate as a liquidity provider in the XBE protocol. This is the first release in our ongoing journey to make it easy for new users to get rewards in DeFi, by making it as simple, and as cost effective as we reasonably can when it comes to gas on Ethereum!

‌Easy XBE 1.0 accepts ETH only deposits, which are used to purchase the proportional amount of XBE on the XBE/ETH pool, and then add the remaining ETH together with the XBE as liquidity to that pool. Once added, the LP tokens are staked in the XBE/ETH LP Staking contract on the XBE Protocol on behalf of the depositing wallet. The user will be able to see their LP staking rewards accrue on the page.

We have a lot more planned in future with regards to Easy XBE 2.0 (currently in development with a mobile app) and 3.0. These will include being able to participate in the HIVE, staking and lockup with a few clicks of a button.

Full contract list












Please contact the XB team to assist at

The XBE team has ensured to always follow the ideology of launching when audits and integration testing are done properly. We are proud to announce that has been fully audited on all smart contracts by SFDX. You can review the audit in the link below:
  • SFDX Audit
  • Additional audit partners are currently busy with audits, however due to contracting we are unable to reveal who until the audit is complete.
Please note that audits don’t eliminate risks entirely.

As the protocol grows, more and more goals come into play, however the XB founders currently have visions of creating an integrated global securities market for institutions and DeFi. Creating a decentralized securities protocol that allows free access to complicated financial instruments.